More About Us

Mathare Roots Initiative is an award winning community based organization that was established in 2006 as a youth led organization for people living in the informal settlements of Mathare, the initiative in collaboration with the community and different partner organizations undertakes various projects geared towards empowering and developing positive growth of the community with a sharp focus on the young people living in Mathare.


Securing a future for our generation and beyond through responsible actions, sustainability, and global unity, ensuring a legacy of prosperity for the generations to follow.


Empowering youth through the utilization of their skills and resources to inspire creativity, innovation, and leadership, fostering positive societal change for a better and brighter future.

Our Volunteers

Climate Change Action

Joining hands in the global fight against climate change!  Let’s embrace sustainable living by reducing our carbon footprint, supporting renewable energy, and advocating for policy changes. Every small action counts, from using energy-efficient appliances to promoting eco-friendly practices. Together, we can raise awareness, educate others, and actively participate in community initiatives. It’s time to be the change our planet needs.

SDG 13 recognizes that climate change is a global challenge that requires collective and coordinated efforts from governments, businesses, communities, and individuals worldwide. The goal aims to limit global temperature rise and build resilience to climate-related impacts while promoting sustainable development practices.

Ensure urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts to protect the planet for present and future generations in our community.

  • Strengthen adaptive capacity, foster climate resilience, and promote sustainable development strategies that take climate change into account.
  • Enhance capacity at all levels to address climate change and its impacts, including through education, training, and awareness-raising.